D Naruka.

A traveller across several countries, she aims to capture the sights, sounds, smells, colours, movements and a whole gamut of her experiences and memories, through the medium of photography.  Each picture and pattern tell a story to her, which she hopes to share visually.

An Indian national but a global citizen, having lived in various states in India, in three other continents, and having travelled across thirty countries, she has a global world-view honed into the lenses of a local's sensibilities and passions. 

She is open to specific assignments and can be contacted through the online form on this site.

In her parallel life she has a career in international affairs.


Note: If you are a small grass-roots organization just starting out and involved in interesting, sustainable, gender empowerment activities, then contact me to be a part of your journey through pro-bono minimal-actual-expenses-only photo-documentation activities. Write at: dnarukaphotography@gmail.com